I'm sure this topic has been discussed at length here ... but I wasn't part
of it.

I just found out that the wife's townhouse (yup, got hitched in September)
can now get Qwest DSL via FTTN (Fiber to the Node), giving us 7 Mbps / 12
Mpbs / 20 Mpbs depending on price. I've got it set up at my other house.
Darn fast too.

Before making the switch at our current residence, I thought I'd explore
what Comcast has to offer. So far, I'm finding their website full of
FAQ's ... but who's got a week to read them all?

my notes ...

I did see they are blocking port 25 to squelch spam. Looks like port 587 is
used for SMTP.

250MB mailbox limit

their mail via comcast.net appears to not have IMAP ...
The Comcast Mail server settings are as follows:
Outgoing mail (SMTP): smtp.comcast.net
Incoming mail (POP3): mail.comcast.net

more ports closed off ...
To help protect our customers from the effects of the recent MSBlast worm,
Comcast has shut down access to ports 135 and 445. These are the ports that
the MSBlast worm uses to propagate itself - in addition to being the ports
that Microsoft Exchange servers use by default.

comcast.net webmail has banner ads ... yuk!

Like most large ISPs, they are windows centric ... to the point of using
Active X in IE

Alternate ISPs are not a choice ... but Qwest does have choices.

opinions solicited ... TIA