Hello to all,

I have a client that requested the fallowing:

They have a SAN, and they want to replace the volume of one of the NW 6.5 file servers.
They have enough space for the new volume so what I thought up is:

- To create a new POOL;
- To create a new VOLUME on that POOL;
- To copy the files from the OLD VOLUME to the NEW ONE, using the GUI on the server, for this file copy to happen on the server itself, not on the wire;
-To copy the trustees using TCOPY from the OLD to NEW VOLUME;
-To RENAME the OLD VOLUME and the NEW to the OLD one;
- Check everything is ok;
- To delete the OLD volume and pool, if possible, if it hasn't any more volumes on it;

Can you guys share you thoughts about this procedure?Any other ideas?

Best regards