Hello there!

First of all please excuse me if I'm asking some trivial questions, because I am not a Novell administrator and not supposed to get this skill, at least for now :)

I would need some assistance, if possible, with BorderManager.

What we want is to create some single-sign on environment for the WEB application we have created. Each of the users for this WEB application will be logging into the Novell from their computers, We need to intercept the credentials the user entered during the login somehow. Obviously we can't do this on the client side - we need this to do on the server side.

As far as we learned for now, it is possible to configure Novell server and install BorderManager on it. Then each of client computers will use the BorderManager as a HTTP proxy server. And somehow it is possible to configure the BorderManager in the way, when it will send X-Authenticated-User to the list of websites, configured in BorderManager HTTP Proxy somehow. So our application will catch this header and authenticate the user with no additional username/password screen.

I downloaded the ISO images NW65OSSP7.iso and NW65PRODSP7.iso and was able to install Novell server. Then I've got the BorderManager archive NBM39_EVAL.zip and looks like it is installed. However I am lost when searching for the documentation of how to configure it.

I found the documentation suggests to run NWADMN32 application and configure the BorderManager from it. But there is no such application on the server I've installed (at least I can't launch it from server console). From the NetWare Remote Manager is seems to be possible only to view the logs for HTTP (which are giving the error) and nothing more.

So, in summary, the questions are:

1) is it really possible to have the BorderManager proxy sending that authentication header to some (configured in it's settings) website?

2) how can we configure the BorderManager? The link to the complete instructions for dummies would be appreciated :)

Thank you all in advance!