I need some explanations for Configure HTTP Proxy Settings item under
configure -> infrastructure management.

I want to use it for outside networks connections's (internet workstations)
putting a proxy on DMZ.

The proxy machine is a normal HTTP proxy (I think yes) or I need a 'special'
Can you suggest some simple one and possibly free proxy?

One more problem.
Configuring HTTP Proxy Settings, I've made some mistake, the IP address of
proxy was wrong and none proxy was found at this address.
In this case the agent seems not stopping researching the server (via
proxy), the workstation never stop to try the login phase.
The result is: the workstation was not usable and a high traffics is on the
The only solution that I've found is turn off workstation, restart it safe
mode and delete Proxy_setting.xml file.

Some one has more news?