We seem to be having visibility issues of the SAN volumes on our MSA1000 v4.48.
We have 2 Qlogic fca2210 cards in each node of our OES sp7 cluster.
On boot up the ql2x00.ham v6.90.15 is being loaded once by OES, Securepath then tries to load ql2300.ham v6.90.13 twice which both fail due to the previous ham files having loaded succesfully. The boot process then states that the LUNs have been de-activated, however later on during the boot process the LUNs then become visible.
Why does Secure path try to load its drivers when OES has already loaded its own?
Why are the LUNs not visible till later in the boot process?
We also have a problem whether it be connected or not, and that is when the server tries to scan for devices or partitions on the SAN after loading the .ham files, if the MSA1000 is running on the Primary controller, it fails the controller over to the Standby controller then continues successfully.
Why would the query of the fabric by the server initiate a controller failover? Is this connected to the driver load problem?Any help would be appreciated...