Have set the collection editor to ask for Login Name as a mandatory field, and to populate by default. On many PC's, it populates this field by default with SYSTEM instead of the login id. Users either then leave it as SYSTEM as they can't be bothered to change it, or they change it to their login id.

In both cases this generates what can only be described as a bug in the software drill down. I report on the number of machines using Microsoft Excel for example and it comes up with 30. However if I drill down into these PC's, Excel isn't showing for any PC that has the login id of SYSTEM, or where SYSTEM was the default and the user has changed it to their own login id. There is also lots of other software missing in the drill down too. On machines where the default Login ID field was correctly populated with the user id in the first place the drill down is correct.

Is there a fix for this? I never ever want this field to be populated by SYSTEM as default. I expect it to be correctly populated with the login id of the user all the time.