We have 2 nw65 sp6 cluster servers running on an dell 2650. All 2
servers have sys volumes of their own, but they have volumes mapped to a SAN. They are different volumes, but on the same SAN. Recently when one of this clustered servers volume run out of space i created a new LUN and VDisk mapped to the host servers (which are clustered one as master and secondary). The problem i am facing is when i run NSSMU under devices menu i can see the new LUN in secondary server but not on master node. When i create the new partition and create the new pool and volume name i can not see in the master node. The new clustered resource volume has static IP assigned and when i want to migrate to the master node it became in comates state.


Please help me as i would like to have this resource in bother servers instead of just one server.


I figure its a setting that has to do with how quick volumes are
deactivated, but I am not sure.