We're attempting to relocate 100,000 student accounts from three old
NetWare 65sp7 servers to four new NetWare 65sp7 servers within the same
tree. As far as we know all the servers are patched and configured
identically. The four new servers are running as virtualised systems
under VMware ESX.

We are experiencing problems when copying files using JRB utilities
FSUPDATE, NETCOPY and MOVEHOME with Novell Client 4.91sp4 and 4.91sp5.
I suspect that this is a problem with either the Novell client or the
NetWare servers' setup since the problem also appears using DOS COPY or
XCOPY. (I've lodged an SR with Novell, however a week has passed and
we've had no response).

We're running a very large batch file to make an initial copy of the
student data with 100,000 lines of the form:

fsupdate ".its-tshd-b01_standby_q.server.siteb.resource.monash:\qxio3" .emerald_home1.server.siteb.resource.monash:\q\qx\ qxio3 /@x.ini
fsupdate ".its-tshd-b01_standby_q.server.siteb.resource.monash:\qxio2" .jade_home2.server.siteb.resource.monash:\q\qx\qxi o2 /@x.ini

What seems to happen is that on some files in about 1% of the accounts,
usually an "index.dat" in either "Cookies", "History",
"History\History.IE5", "Local Settings\History\.." or similar
subdirectory, or sometimes a "userdata.bin" file, the copy will halt,
then time out and the workstation loses connection to the tree. This
did not seem to happen with a 4.90 Novell client.

The problem files appear to be copyable from the source server to a
local C: drive, but generate the same error when copied to the
destination server (using either FSUPDATE, NETCOPY, or WinXP COPY or

P:\QCHE39\Local Settings\History\History.IE5>xcopy . c:\temp\blah /e /s
Does C:\temp\blah specify a file name
or directory name on the target
(F = file, D = directory)? d
3 File(s) copied

P:\QCHE39\Local Settings\History\History.IE5>c:

C:\temp>cd blah

C:\temp\blah>xcopy . emerald\home1:tmp /e /s
Cannot perform a cyclic copy
0 File(s) copied

C:\temp\blah>xcopy . \\emerald\home1\tmp /e /s
Does \\emerald\home1\tmp specify a file name
or directory name on the target
(F = file, D = directory)? d
File creation error - The specified network name is no longer available.

The students are not logged in and there are no file locks held on the
problem files (according to NetWare). There is no anti-virus software
running on the destination server, the av software on the source server
is set to scan on WRITE (and the files are being READ).

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to work around this?


Adrian Tritschler mailto:Adrian.Tritschler@its.monash.edu.au
Monash University, Vic, Australia, 3800.