We have just installed the Beta of OES2SP1 on a brand new server to move
our files from a dying old NW65SP6 machine.
Access from Windows PCs to the volumes on the new server works fine.
But Mac users can't authenticate to the new server, they keep getting
"Invalid Username or Password" errors.
Connecting to the old NW65 server via AFP works fine (universal
passwords are set and are working). Also the users can connect from
Windows clients (via NCP) to the new server.
The context file afpdircxt.conf is filled with contexts. I've enabled
logging and auditing and found these errors:

type=USER_MGMT msg=audit(1227864369.727:164): user pid=27948 uid=0
auid=4294967295 msg='username admin.o=SDH failed to log in :
exe="/opt/novell/afptcpd/bin/afptcpd" (hostname=?, addr=?, terminal=?
type=USER_LOGOUT msg=audit(1227864369.731:165): user pid=27948 uid=0
auid=4294967295 msg='username admin.o=SDH logged out :
exe="/opt/novell/afptcpd/bin/afptcpd" (hostname=?, addr=?, terminal=?

Nov 28 10:26:12 sdhdar26av afptcpd[27948]: [error] ReadAFPCmd ERROR in
aio_return : 0, Success

Obviously "admin" failed to log in, but I just don't have any idea why.
Any hints where to look further to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,