Or should I say, Hello NWorld?
I just wanted to say hi to everyone and wish them a very happy networking.
I have been a Netware user since 3.11* (Bindery FS) but the last time I managed a network we had upgraded to 6.0 which is not too bad I realy worked a lot with and am used to 4 and 5x But unfortunately I moved and lost my old Novell network a couple of years ago.
Why am I here?
Good question. I dont know? heh I guess I wanted to make a new login @ Novell just in case I need some help with Linux stuff.
Any way sorry to have posted a nonsense in this forum. I thought this forume would be the best.
Good Luck To You All and Best Wishes.


*Does anyone remember the NW 3.11 which was buried inside of a wall few yeas ago?
Well it was discovered a few years back, the remodellers didn't know how to "touch" a computer so they built their walls around the server and after 5 years someone followed the cables and cut the wall to find the NW server still running!!! :o

(This was an article in some newspaper but can't recall where? I think was a university or college some place?)!