I setup Quickfinder on a NetWare 6.5 box and I wanted to search other
NetWare boxes but it wouldn't without NFS Gateway. So I trashed it and
started again with Quickfinder on OES Linux. Now using NFS I can search
and index our NetWare file servers, but the results returned don't work
properly yet.

If I have no security turned on for the index, it displays all the
results to any user, but they still can't access the original file
unless it is theres. This is as I would expect, except some of the
results give details of the files, eg "my resignation letter.doc" :)

So I turn on checking rights to each of the returned indexed files. But
then it doesn't display any results at all. The only login button on
Quickfinder is a local login to the OES linux box. I can't find any
instructions on making this an LDAP login, or edirectory login so that
it checks the users rights.

Any ideas? Any technotes or urls on it? Or am I wasting my time and does
it have to be back on a NetWare box?

tnx in advance