Had a server crash, installed NetWare (6.5SP6), installed Backup Exec, restored the backup tape. Got the SLPDA (shown as svrname_SLPV2DA) with a named scope (Pilot) in consoleOne (1.3.6f). but there are problems:
SLPINFO /D shows slp version of with packets sent both ways. The table shows

DA IP address Sources(s) State Version Local Interface Scope(s) MCST UP SLPV2 DEFAULT

The XP box finds the 6.5SP6 server with no problem and runs the login script.
The Linux box can find the server if I put the IP address in place of the server name.
We are running the Novell client for Linux 2.0. Running client configuration goes with no problem. I have the scope name filled in and server IP address is correctly specified.
The Vista box can't find the server.

Also, I have built a new system, as NetWare 6.5SP8 virtual on SLES10SP2
New NetWare server is in separate tree, on the same cable system as the 6.5SP6 system. IP address for the new server is but it doesn't show up when I run SLPINFO /D. My intent was to have a separate SLP scope for the new server and just get rid of the old server and scope when I move the data over across the network.

How can I clean up this situation?

Thank you