My organization wants to start using GWMessenger as a status tracking system for employee availability. Before I upgrade our system to 2.0.4 I wanted to check on the ability to configure a couple of settings on the installation before I upgrade the agent and clients.

Is there a way to automatically import a pre-made contact list to all users via script or zenworks? Since the ability to combine a user made contact list and a system made contact list has not been added, I'd like to try creating the system list and import it to all of my users.

Can settings, specifically online/offline alerts be disabled by a script, zenworks, or registry setting? For some reason on our system our GWM server starts randomly and frequently logging users in and out when the server needs to be restarted and the notification of this has been the number one complaint. I'm just wondering if there is a way to turn this off by our default settings if we are going to be mandating the use of messenger.