1. Look through the installation steps in the Beginner's Guide to
BorderManager 3.x, Lite Version, on the 3.7 product CD.
2. Look at tip #1 at the URL below.

When you get to the filtering step, you will have to manually migrate

your filters once.

(This might be a bit different if you put on BM37SP2 before doing
filters. I'm not sure on that one, as I haven't done a fresh install

with SP2 before migrating the filters already. Note that the BM37SP2

version of BRDCFG is completely different than prior versions, and it

is supposed to put the (new) defaults into NDS for you without a
migrate step. Just check the darn NBMRuleContainer to see if you have

filters in there!

Craig Johnson
Novell Support Connection SysOp
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