Hi. I'm trying to apply an image to an unregistered device. The PXE boot happens, and the dialog goes something like this:

[Boot server IP located]
[workstation IP assigned]
Novell PreBoot Execution Agent
Sending queries to [server IP]
Contacting Novell Preboot Policy Service...Done
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent

From reading this, I get the idea that the communication is happening, but that for some reason the server is not applying the bundle.

I have a base image taken from another workstation. The dialog box accepts the image bundle, which includes the image previously taken. The hard drive in the target workstation is good. As a test, I even installed Windows on it from a setup CD, just to make sure it was OK. I have tried a variety of different rule sets in the workstation rules for unregistered workstations, including such simple things as RAM > 512MB, which should make it apply to anything.

I get no error messages. Just "Contacting Novell Preboot Policy Service...Done"

I Find no mention in the documentation of an error log that might give me a clue what I'm doing wrong. It can't be this hard...

So, is there an error log somewhere for the preboot services, or a way to monitor the dialog with the workstation?

Or, is there a clue to what I'm doing wrong?