We have a tree with 9 nw5.1(sp5) servers, including 2 (recently
bordermanager 3.7sp1 servers. Our clients (NT4 en XP) use novellclient


When our users want to visit a site on the internet they go through 1
both proxyservers at random (to provide some form of loadbalancing).
Because we want to log on useraccounts we need authentication.
Clntrust.exe is run from every user's home-server, which is not one of
proxy servers.

It appears that users need to have an authenticated connection with
proxyserver they use, to get through without having to autheniticate
the proxyserver.
When they don't have this authenticated connection they still have to

authenticate, even though clienttrust is run.

I was assuming that clienttrust, getting its information from the
novellclient would provide the proxyserver with the adequate
(single sign on) to prevent the user from authenticating again, but
unfortenattely it doesn't workand I dont know where to look.
Has anybody got a clue??

Arjan Stekelenburg