I figured out the Internet Explorer problem. I had to use a DNS name
the proxy settings like Macs do. Once I put that in there the Citrix

terminal servers would actually display the correct web page after I pasted the session id. I then installed the browser client again and
automates the process correctly. If I close the browser I have to
the SSL creditionals again like it is supposed to. Thanks to all for your help.


Gary Dosey wrote:
> Correction the last line is a typo it should say is the browser

> supposed to work with Netscape?
> Gary Dosey wrote:
>> Thanks for the tip Gonzalo. It was set to the default at yes. I

>> changing that registry setting but it did not help. The behavior

>> Internet Explorer did not change I actually found that registry key

>> the registry three times under different sections. So I changed

>> one only and rebooted after each. I also reversed the setting and>> rebooted each time to see if it made a difference and no avail. So

>> that I switched all the settings to no rebooted and it didn't work

so I
>> switched all the settings back to yes and rebooted and it still

>> work.
>> Scott thanks for getting the post SP2 patches out.
>> I then tried the FP3 patch and after installing it I got Netscape

>> actually display the page correctly in only about 2 of 6 times but

>> had to manually copy the session id and paste it into the password

>> screen. If I kept closing Netscape and restarting and loging in it

>> wouldn't let me in it would just kind of hang on the screen trying

>> log me in with the session id. The url it would hang on is
>> For Internet Explorer I

>> get the SSL login it simply went to page can not be displayed. I

>> back reved the proxy NLM to the 1/10/2003 and got the same results.

>> then decided to reinstall service pack 6 for NetWare. I then

>> the BorderManager server at this point.
>> After that I tried Netscape and it would only work about 2 of 6

>> I started Internet Explorer it displayed the SSL screen after I

>> in it went to a page not can not be displayed. So I went to a

>> that I didn't install that browser client and it did show the

>> id screen after I entered my SSL login but did not bring up the

>> to enter a password it just went to a page can not be displayed

>> So I think the browser plugin is working with Internet Explorer

>> whatever
>> is supposed to receive the session id is not. Netscape seems to

>> correctly if I don't install the broswer client on the machine. I >> don't know why on Netscape if i install the browser client I get

>> session id and it doesn't get passed to the browser. I was

>> that Browser plugin was supposed to work for Internet Explorer and

>> Netscape. For what it is worth I am using Netscape 7.02. I then
>> changed back to the proxy.nlm that was included with FP3 and I got

>> same results as with the old proxy.nlm.
>> Does that give anyone any ideas on what I could try to fix the
>> receiving of the session id in Internet Explorer? Is the browser
>> client supposed to work with Internet Explorer?
>> mysterious wrote:
>> > Gary,
>> >
>> > if you are seeing this behavior using cookie based

authentication, the
>> > problem is coming from windows setting to control the sharing of

>> cookies
>> > on the same machine. A registry key seems to control this

>> > I could not find any reference to this on the Microsoft support>> > site, but I've toggled the setting back and forth several times

>> had
>> > repeatable results. The key is "BrowseNewProcess" located at:
>> >


"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Explorer\BrowseNewProcess".

>> >
>> > If set to yes (default) there is a new instance of IEXPLORE.EXE

>> > each new invocation of IE and there is no sharing of cookies.
>> >
>> > If set to no, then no instances of IEXPLORE.EXE are created and>> > EXPLORER.EXE is the only process that is used no matter how many

>> > you invoke IE. This results in apparent sharing of cookies and >> sometimes
>> >
>> > the session cookie is saved even when all IE windows are closed.

>> >
>> > hope it helps
>> >
>> > Gonzalo
>> >