I am getting following errors on BM v3.7 sp2 server system console.

NBMLICENSE MANAGER: BorderManager Access Control license update
failed. Code
= C0001003
NBMLICENSE MANAGER: BorderManager Proxy license update failed. Code =C0001003

over and over

dsrepair is cleaned, BM licenses are installed in tree.
When looking at license for Proxy I see the following (Access Control

Units installed = unlimited
Units in Use = 0
Units Available = unlimited

There is no server assign, I added one but it makes no differences so
removed it. we only have 1 BM server.

I have done a SETUPNLS.NLM and allowed it to make changes, no luck

I remove the NLS_LSP_SERVER, than used nwconfig - License Options -
License Service Providers.

In nwadmin32 this server does not show up, it shows up in console1 but
be managed.