Hello all,

I have added a 3Com 4200G 12 port gigabit switch to our network and I have been testing multicasting. While multicast is working, it is slower than expected. It does not appear to be flooding the network with unnecessary traffic and all other items are working fine.

I have a NW 6.5 SP7 server running ZfD7.1 with IR3a. There are 2 GB NICs running with load balancing on the Dell PowerEdge 2950 server. I would have expected that setting this up would make things run better.

The 3Com 4200 has only 1 VLAN setup and all 12 ports are members of the VLAN. IGMP Snooping is turned on for the VLAN (as well as globally on the switch, from what I have read both must be enabled for this to work).

All other switches on the network are 3Com (mix of 4228s and 3300s). All switches have latest 3Com software and are configured for multicast.

Any other thoughts greatly appreciated.

Steve D.