I did upgrade from 491sp4 to sp5. Now I have a problem to access my Netware 6.5 servers by network-neightborhood/Novell-connections.
If I use the Windows-Explorer with adresses like \\FS3\HD2, windows doesn't access to the volume (I'm authenticated, of course, as admin). I get an error message (in german) like "not authenticated" or "no rights to access the folder". The same will be shown when I use the IP: \\\HD2 or when I browse through the NDS to the Netware volume.

When I use the Novell "red N" and assign a Network folder to a driveletter, every access to the folder by driveletter runs normally.
Access to my two Netware 6.0 servers (in another tree) runs normally in every of the described ways.

I don't know so far, if the problem really comes from updating the client, but the problem didn't appear before I used the new client.

Can you help?