First, let me apologize in advance for the dumb question here...

I have a working ZCM 10.1 (SLES) server, but I have never attempted to use or configure any of the Imaging features. However, now I think I may be about ready to give it a try.

I have a single segment LAN (i.e. no VLANS or WAN) with DHCP running on a seperate standalone Win2k3 box.

As I understand it, I am NOT supposed to be using DHCP options 66 (Boot Server Host Name) or 67 (Boot File Name)on my DHCP server? If this is correct, then how do I point my clients to the ZCM server? I keep reading about the proxy DHCP, but I don't understand how it ties to my DHCP server or how it ties my clients to the TFTP/ZCM server?

Is there a such thing as a Zenworks PXE for Dummies guide?