I have a GW702 server that has run without an abend for a year. In October it had an abend but continued running and I actually didn't notice for several weeks. It continued to function as well as usual and I just noticed it while flipping screens. So last weekend I rebooted the server and all seemed fine. While flipping screens again last night, I realized it had abended last Tuesday at 4pm. Again, it continued running so noone noticed. Both abends were while running "GWTCP-GHGP-Handler_## Process" where XX was 28 last week and 10 in October. Both say they are "Page Fault Processor Exception" errors. I've been looking around and the answer can't be update drivers or GW because frankly drivers don't go sour and this thing has not hiccupped for a year. My questions:
1. Could this be some kind of hardware getting weak/heading for failure?
2. Is there any better way to surmise what caused it?
3. This is a VERY busy post office, does this just sometimes happen due to load? (I am currently adding a second PO to share the load)
4. Because of the nature of the business I can't just take the server down with a day's notice. Is there a problem letting it run to the weekend since it has already run fine for a week at this point?

Thanks for your help!