Been working with BM36EE for about a week now, so much of this is new
to me.
Went through the BM manual, and I have Craig's book. But obviously I
have everything right yet.

This is a very simple setup: single NW6/SP3 server that is running BM.
have a DSL line with IP address, IP address of the ISP gateway, and
two IPs
for the ISP name servers.

I assume I was suppose to put the ISP gateway adr into the Default
Route box
as the next router.

Anyway, when I try from a workstation browser to get to the web I get:

"BorderManager - Enhancing your Internet Experience"
"502 Bad Gateway"
""DNS name server is unreachable."

Yeh I feel really enhanced right now.
I put in the two ISP DNS adrs in the DNS Resolve.

Anyone know what I screwed up here?

Thanks, Chris.