We're switching to a new ISP soon. Currently using a T1; new service
is a
wireless device that operates at t1 speeds. The new wan link is
and running. we can change over at any time. I know, as far as
bordermanager is concerned, I have to change its public IP address and
filters that reference that address specifically. I'd like to have
both wan
links up and running concurrantly, to avoid any interuption in
service...particularly mail.

I have a gwia running ON the bordermanager box. DNS lists our mail
(which is actually the bordermanager box) at the old isp. I was
that the best way to change-over would be to install a second public
nic in
the BM box. I'm wondering how to set it up, though. Will the default

filters automatically apply to the new card, or do I have to do
something to
it? (brdcfg?). I'm thinking that when both cards are in and running,
I'll have to do is change the default route on the bm server, and
stuff will
just start working through the new card/ipaddress. Mail will continue
flow in on the old IP address that is listed in DNS, until such time
as the
DNS switches over and propagates throughout the 'net.