Hello again. I have completed my reinstall of BM3.7. For the record

the server sits as follows: NW6SP3 (from overlay), edir8703, nici242.
have biult all my filters and services. The problem is that when the

server comes up, it basically turns into a brick. At first I thought
must have done something wrong during the install. Three tries later

and I am still seeing the same problem. At first I thought it was a licensing issue, but it is not.

What I have figured out is that filtsrv is causing the problem. If I

boot the server with filters DISABLED it will boot in about 90 seconds

(including loading BM). With filters ENABLED, boot takes 10 minutes,

server will not sync properly with other servers, server will not
properly. If I turn filters on when system is running well, it
a brick again. Turning them off frees it up.

I am working with Novell Tech Support on this but in the limited time
have looked at the problem we have not figured it out.

Any suggestions, TIDs. Thanks Much, Chris.