Hi there,

Got into a bit of a mess...

I've just virtualised one of our NetWare 6.5 servers and also applied SP7 which seems to have gone okay....I can login via a PC no probs.

The original physical server also had BorderManager 3.8.5 installed which unfortunately didn't survive the visualisation process. I had to re-installed
NetWare from scratch into a temp tree and then restore original eDirectory from backup etc. In doing this all the Certificates got into a mess and PKIDiag wouldn't repair. In the end had to resort to re-installing Certificate Server whilst doing an in-place upgrade to SP7, this seemed to go fairly

However, BorderManager 3.8.5 became very sick so I tried to remove (delete) via NWCONFIG but it got so far within the GUI and then bombed out.

Rebooted the server and tried a fresh BM39 install which seem to retain a lot of the old BM38 settings. Once installed updated to SP1, all appeared fine, Proxy working okay. However, VPN not working and I think after messing with
Certs and TRC I need to go back to square one because I'm going round in circles. The basic problem is IKE doesn't launch even after manually loading vpmaster and IKE, the IKE screen is blank, you can't see C2S certs lists like normal.

Need a plan of action and not sure the best way forward...

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.