Hi All
We have a two-node cluster running GW7.01 on Netware 6.5 SP7. As part of our disaster recovery test we've done the following:

1. Installed netware 6.5 sp7 onto a new server in its own tree.

2. Installed GW7 on this server, with an identical groupwise system i.e same domain name, etc (only difference is server name, IP, and tree name).

3. We then exported the NDS/GW objects from the current production tree using the GWport32 utility into the new tree on the new server.

4. We've restored from a backup tape the PO database file and the accompanying files, the domain database file, and all the files and sundirectories from the ofuser, ofmsg, and offiles directories onto their corresponding locations on the new server.

5. After getting C00F and D019 errors, we've tried to rebuild the ngwguard.db and the PO by running a standalone GWCheck.

Our problem is that I can login to the new server (edirectory tree) as any user albeit without any password but unable to login to groupwise. I've set and reset passwords in ConsoleOne but I still can't login to groupwise.

We would be very grateful if anyone could tell us what else we need to do.

We're hoping to achieve a situation where in an extreme disaster, we are able to restore mail from tape backups so that users can still logon to this new server and have full access to their mailboxes with ease.