Hello there,

Working witch bordermanager 3.7 for the first time (used 3.5 before
I started to setup a new server with a new setup and a new isp. I usenetware 5.1 sp6 and bm37sp2 as advised on craig's site.

Working with the filters I cannot figure out what my problem is.
I use the same filter exceptions as on the 3.5 server but still it's
not working.

At this moment all workstations behind the bordermanager can ping/dnsresolve/browse (public dns server defined on ws) the public interfaces

and other servers on the internet.
private to public filters
for http-st
dns udp/tcp request

public to private
dns udp/tcp response

but from the server itself I can't ping and resolve dns.

what filter Exception should i use that is different form bm35?
can someone explain me the NAT implicit filtering support.novell.com
doesn't ofer me a clear explanation.

what has changed in timesync since nw5.1 sp5 what filter exception
should I use?
private - public
ntp out (all-123)
dest certain host
ntp in (123-all)
src certain host.
and it worked,

timesync doesn't work anymore with this filter exception.