Hello Forum,

We are running NW6.5sp7. Our Help Desk person was doing a folder copy using Windows Explorer from one directory on the Data volume to another directory on the same volume. She decided to use NetWare copy instead so cancelled the copy before it was finished. Now the folder she was copying shows in Windows Explorer as a hidden folder with the read only attribute set. We are unable to remove the read only attribute or delete the folder or the one file that got copied to the folder before the copy was cancelled.

I have tried all these utilities to no avail:

DOS command prompt
CNW Commander

When I try to cd to the copied directory using a DOS prompt at a mapped drive I get "A device attached to the system is not functioning".

In BASH I get "Generic file system error".

In NSNSHELL when I try to cd to the directory the system kicks me out of the Data: volume and back to the SYS:\> prompt with no error message.

CPQFM shows the directory and the file within it but will not do anything with either.

CNW Commander shows the directory with a 3x5 grid of 15 dots beside the folder name. When I try to delete it reports "Can't change flags of (Directory)".

Flag shows the directory with the following NetWare Attr:
Flag reports "This utility was unable to set the attributes" and will not change ownership or delete the folder.

Tried rebooting server - no change.

Help please! How do I get rid of this directory?

Karl Wiggins