I hope this is the right forum for this query.
I have a Netware 5.1 LAN with approximately 110 PCs connected. I haveBorderManager 3.7 SP1 controlling access to the Internet for our
population through an ADSL router. My Bordermanager logs indicate that
have downloaded approximately 3Gb for 1 - 17 May, while our ADSL
logs have us downloading closer to 6Gb.
On Saturday morning 1-2am :48Mb, 2-3am :100Mb, 3-4am :0 Mb, 4-5am
:48Mb etc
etc was downloaded until I cut the ADSL connection, by which stage
approximately 650Mb had been downloaded for the day - all of this
while no
one was at school.
During this time there were 13 PCs left on throughout the school -
still logged into the network, a number of HP Print servers and
I've used the IP range for all the devices on my
My BorderManager server's IP is, with a 2nd NIC connected to the ADSL router.
The IP for the ADSL router is
Any suggestions on how to find what is initiating the downloads?
Thank you
Stasiu Dorczak