NetWare 6/sp3 Overlay, BM 3.7...

HP Proliant 2.8GHz, 1.5G Ram, 3 - 18.2Gig drives configured for 1

I have created the following logical drives from the RAID 5

Logical drive 1 dedicated to SYS
Logical drive 2 for Cache1
Logical drive 3 for Cache2
Logical drive 4 for Vol1 (used to store service packs, updates, etc.)


1. Does the above look pretty good for 2,500 users going through a
ubr905 router to the Internet (2X1 speed)?

2. I tried to change the volume type from NSS to Traditional for SYS during the NW6 install, but can't get the cursor up there - is there a

trick I'm missing?

3. If I am forced to use NSS on SYS, will this cause any impact on my

creating Traditional volumes for Cache1 and Cache2 even though they
on the same physical RAID 5 drives?

4. What is the sense of having 2 cache volumes (versus only one) if
exist on the same RAID 5 disks?

Thanks for any help.