NetWare 6.5 SP7
GroupWise 7.0.3

Press TAB to display the full General Information screen.
Second from the bottom is Current Connections. Mine shows 5. But, if I go into Connections under Available Options on the main Monitor screen there are hundreds of connections.
What's the difference?
More importantly, how can I determine who the 5 connections are?

More background...

The server in question is a GroupWise server that runs a single post office. Another similar server only has 1 connection where this one has 5. The one with 5 connections has excessively high utilization, sometimes hovering in the 95% - 100% area for a minute or so, but usually bouncing from 20% to 60% then down to 2% then back up to 28%, 46%, 33%, 55%, 81%, etc. The server showing 1 connection never rises above 20%.