We are having a problem switching between our wired and wireless Defined Network Environments with the "Disable Wi-Fi When Wired" setting enabled.

If a user logs into their laptop wired, ESM detects the network, sets the correct location, and disables the wireless adaptor. But if they then logout of the OS, remove the wire and then try to login wirelessly, the wireless adaptor LEDs never show the adaptor coming back online and the login fails. This happens whenever the last login was wired, even if the machine has been rebooted between the wired login and the wireless login.

The only way around the issue is to login Workstation Only, and then after the wireless connection is acquired, login to Novell from the Windows system tray.

A few details that may or may not be related:
  • We are using the Novell Client for Windows (NWGina) on our laptops.
  • Wireless authentication uses 802.1x
  • No problems with our wireless login occur when ESM is not installed
  • We don't use Client Location Assurance
  • Our wired and wireless defined network environments are both in the same onsite location
  • We also have an offsite location which allows the users to capture their own network environments
  • The Unknown location uses the standard Adaptive firewall

Any thoughts you may have would be greatly appreciated!