S1: NW6.5.7, AS11.1SP3. SLPDA for scope1.
S2: NW6.5.7. S1=static SLPDA entry, scope=scope1.
WS: WinXP SP3. AS-Manager 11.1sp3

All three can ping each other using the host name.

display slp services on both servers is listing all the several entries
for S2, especially
service:bindery.novell:///S2 and

When I use the AS-Console on server S1, I *CAN* backup data from S2 and
I *CAN* browse the FS of S2. The backups are running fine, they
verified to be OK. (restore to FS of S1, compare)

When trying to do the same with the AS-Manager from the WS, then the
server S2 is *NOT* displayed here: Backup, Network, NetWare Servers.
Other servers *DO* show up nicely. (No AS or NWAGENT loaded there)

It doesn't matter if NWAGENT is loaded or not on the server S2.

As the AS-Console defined backups, TSATEST on S1 works fine to backup
data from S2, (specified s= v= path= )

Well backups *ARE* fine, I have no problems to define my jobs using the
AS-Console at the server S1.

But as long as I can't "see" the server in AS-Manager, restoring to S2
in a convenient way doesn't work.

What do I miss?

Regards, Rudi.