This is an old and sore subject- After sending back the dc5850 with all it's imaging problems, I've decided to give it another try. Thankfully the NIC is not a problem anymore, and getting the PC in to the imaging environment is a snap.

I am now trying to get Zen Imaging to see the Hard Drive. SATA Emulation is set to Legacy IDE, and my other choices are NATIVE or AHCI. I have tried enabling each of the various options, but I still get an error that states something to the effect of: "Must have at least one non EMPTY partition", and the session fails.

I am running ZDM7sp1_IR3a on Netware 6.5 and PXE booting. PXE booting from CD is not an option.

Can I edit the z_maint.cmd file in some way to get this hard drive detected?