Hi There!

I have a client who has moved to GW8 for the sole purpose of
obtaining Word 2007 Compatibility but after 3 days of
testing has disovered the following:

On my Vista notebook (Compaq 6910p) using GW8 running the
client in online mode and MS Word 2007 (SP1 MSO) a document
saved in Word (ie 2007 format) cannot be retrieved, Word
regards it as corrupt. A screen shot of the Word error is
attached. It doesn't help to check it out but then the
document will open in Novell OpenOffice 3. On the same
system a document saved in 2003 format will save but the
version list does not appear after a new version is saved.
That means that at this stage GW8 and Word 2007 are not
really usable on this system.

The error reads, that word experienced an issue opening said

This client runs the GroupWise backend on Windows 2003 R2
with all latest patches applied. Client is Vista SP1 with
all patches applied.

Really hoping someone can discover a work around for it.