What a Joke.. I kept GW as part of my SLA because I had intended to upgrade from Netmail to GW with the GW8 release, because it was SUPPOSED to come with an updated Outlook Connector that worked with Outlook 2007.

Well, the Joke is on me I guess.

I read about how difficult it is for them to develop the connector and how they have rebuilt it three times.. BLA BLA BLA

I have evaluated at least 4 different E-mail Server Platforms that have "Groupware" calendars, tasks, etc, and they ALL have working Outlook connectors for THEIR products..

I still love the Novell platform for my network, but if Novell is not willing to do what is necessary to ensure inoperability with EVERY e-mail client available, then they should not be in the e-mail business at all.

So, I think we need to stand up and tell Novell just exactly what we think about this. It is an absolute travesty that paying customers cannot use Groupwise and version of Outlook, beyond 2003.

If you agree with me, post your thought in this tread. If enough of us complain, maybe they will do something..