We're running:
-XP Pro SP2 clients with Zen SP1 IR3a agent, 4.91 SP2 Netware client.
-We are NOT running Middle Tier.
-Novell servers are running Netware 6.5 SP7, E-directory or 8.8.
-Zen server is also SP1 IR3a.

We have no problem using remote control on workstation objects. We are having intermittent issues with remote controlling user objects. When the issue occurs, we receive the following error, "Error 1759: The selected user is not logged in on any workstations" even though the user is in fact logged in. After some more research, it appears that the "networkAddress" attribute of the user object is blank so we feel that this is the root cause. My question is what would cause the networkAddress attribute to randomly not update? For instance we had a user (verified his login) who we could not remote via the user object (workstation object worked). We checked his networkAddress attribute and found that it was empty. User rebooted and logged in again and his networkAddress attribute populated, and then we could remote control him via the user object. Now this isn't always the case after a reboot. There doesn't appear to be any pattern to when the networkAddress attribute does or does not update. In fact, this particular user has a laptop so he boots it up fresh every morning yet he was not showing a network address when he logged in initially today.

We've followed the troubleshooting steps in Novell Documentation without any success. Is there anything else that we might be missing, especially with respect to getting the networkAddress attribute to update? We ran a DSreport on that attribute and found about 500 out of a total of 1500 users had no networkAddress. Some of those are sure to be legitimate but that number is much too high for the number of people that should be in the office.

I've read some older threads on the subject but none of them really provide a firm solution. Also most of the older threads reference Middle Tier which we are not using.

Thanks in advance.