I know there is an issue running NetWare 6.0 on certain CPUs, so I
thought I would pose this question to the group for some advice. I need
to work an interim solution for a large group of NetWare 6.0 servers. We
have 35 servers spread out across a school district and can't afford to
upgrade our licenses to the latest version of OES NetWare as of today.
However, we have a lot of aging hardware and we would like to migrate
the servers to new hardware.

We're interested in HP ML350 G5 towers, with a Xeon 2.33GHz CPU & 2GB
DDR2 SDRAM. Can anyone help me figure out of NetWare 6.0 with the latest
patches would run on this hardware? Is there any more information needed
to figure out if it would install and run? I know it's not supported,
but I need to get these servers migrated to new hardware this academic
year, and with luck we can get the OES licenses next academic year.


-- Geoff