We have sucessfully redirected the location for imagefiles in a scripted image bundle using ncpmount, this accessing a Novell NCP Volume instead of the default Images default directory on the Windows Server.
ncpmount -S FS1 -A FS1 -V DATAVOL -U .user.context -P password /mnt

Also using direct access to the image files using options on the IMG commandline works to access a Novell NCP Volume:
img rp FS1 //FS1/volume/defaultimage.zmg

But if I want to access a Windows share, then I discover that the smbfs type file system is not supported by mount command in the stripped imaging version of SLES OS used.
One option could be to install an NFS service on a Windows Server to access it thru a mount point - but isnt there just a clean way to access a freely choosen imaging location on a Windows server ?

I know the official way to support a more "dynamic" images location on windows is to "map" the empty directory to a seperat disc but what if I want it on a different dataserver that does not come with NCP or NFS support ?

Any good and cool ideas are much appreciated :-)

KR / Bjrn