I'm installing a new bordermanager 3.7 server on new hardware. at this

moment the configuration to the new isp is ok. time/http/dns/proxy all

work ok

to move from one isp to the other I have the following in mind, and
are working on it now to make this happen

i want to add one nic with public interface to the old ISP for mail.

I will use static nat on this interface to a secondary ipaddress on
the private interface(let's say 10.x.1.2/ mask

to get static nat working with filtering to/from the old isp can I use

the primary ipaddress at the public interface or should i use a
secondary ip address for this. I need static nat to our internal
mailserver till it's DNS name changed to the new's isp's ipaddress

new isp wil take care of all internet traffic except mail, beware of
some ascii art :)

new isp, nic B------------\
> nic A, primary/secondary ipaddress

private side.
old isp, nic C------------/

default route to network new isp
dynamic nat to new isp

static nat to internal mail server

my question do I need a static route
network next hop on router
(router isp) ??

or is the static nat already taking care of routing the traffic for
that network, because of the static nat entry or is this only for theincoming traffic from the internet?

is this setup ok for moving to a new isp?