I had to go to Brisbane this week, getting there involves waking up at
4:00am to get a plane at 8:00. Nothing too bad abou tthat, just slept
on the plane.

The trip home was more eventful. First of all I had to pay to book a
cab, then wait around for 50 minutes for a cab not to turn up. I then
hailed a cab who was dropping someone off and beg them to take me
because I was now running close to the checkin time for my flight.
Half way to the airport we encountered the biggest traffic jam I have
seen in Brisbane. Missed my checkin time so called the airline to book
on a later flight, thank goodness I insist on getting a flexible fare
on the way home!
Get to the airport to check in, no problems there, then the usual wait
in line at the securoty screen. Finally I can sit down and have abeer
in the lounge before the flight. Look at the time and wonder why my
flight has not been called yet, then look at the arrivals board to find
out the inbound flight has been delayed, when it comes the crew that
was meant to take us down to Sydney had now worked over their allowed
hours, or at least they would have had to bail half way through our
flight. Wait for a new crew, take off time delayed again. Just as we
were about to board the flight with our new crew they closed the
airport due to a storm.
An hour later they took off with an absolutly packed plane.

We ended up landing in Sydney 4 minutes before the curfew, if we had
missed that then we would have had to go somewhere else (like Melbourne
or back to Brisbane).

Instead of geting home at 9:00pm I ended up at home sometime after
midnight, not happy.