Kicking off the new year I'll be putting in VMware and migrating all my servers to it. This has opened the opportunity to rebuild everything, and my plan was to move from NW6.5sp6 to OES2sp1.

Then the sad inevitable happened; I was asked by our regional director to consider moving to Microsoft Active Directory. I've always wondered how I'd take that 'recommendation', so I created a test environment with a Win2008 server and a SLES/samba setup to test. We're majority Macs, and after testing with SMB, I can only say that SMB support on a Mac is abysmal.

I started testing OES2sp1 a few weeks back and was having trouble with AFP; I couldn't get the Macs to authenticate at all, and since it was an open beta I didn't have access to the beta forums to find out what I needed to do to fix it.

Now that OES2sp1 it is offically released, has anyone testing AFP, particulary in comparison to NW6.5sp6's implementation of it?

I'm going to start testing again with the trial download, but any feedback would be great. I'm really hoping the new AFP will be a winning point over using SMB in an ADS evironment.