Two nw6-sp3-servers srv-comm (ip + srv-brdm (ip
on nic1, on nic2), srv-brdm connected to the internet with

nic2 through a dsl-router (internal ip

Default route is set up on srv-brdm pointing to the dsl-router.

When pinging from srv-brdm to the web, it works great. When pinging
srv-comm to srv-brdm or the dsl-router it is great. When pinging from

srv-comm to the web, there is no response on srv-comm. SET TCP IP
= 1 on srv-brdm shows echo replies from the web back to, but

for some reason these replies are not forwarded to

BM is NOT installed yet, but following craig´s books I want connection

be ok before adding addional complications.

What is the most likely point I am missing or the first thing to check