We have GroupWise 7.0.3, NotifyLink 4.5.2 and an iPhone 2.0.2 (not 3G). E-Mail Synchronization works fine except for attachments. When attachments are sent to the iPhone the mail is shown with a paperclip but there is no attachment in the mail. The NotifyLink server is setup correctly to "download attachments" but nothing is there. When I send 3 attachments from the iPhone only 2 get delivered. It seems as if one gets lost??? When I send an E-Mail to the iPhone googlemail account, so not thru the NotifyLink server but just thru normal SMTP/Internet, then everything works fine and all attachments are there and can be viewed.

Does anyone else have these problems? I've been reading in this forum that people are happy with NotifyLink. Does nobody else have this issue??

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.