Our branch office is the last holdout in a company that has gone Microsoft. We are running eDir 8.8 and Zenworks 7 mostly on Netware. Our people have to login to AD servers in order to use Outlook. When we use DLU for our XP workstation the XP Boxes create a second profile which means copying Favorites and redoing Outlook profiles all over. Another side effect is that we have to reenter AD credentials when starting Outlook instead of accepting the ones given at login. When we shut DLU off, and use AD credentials then the workstation has no Local user account for eDir.

How is it possible to login to Windows AD so the Domain Account uses the Username Directory under Documents and Settings which properly allows Outlook to open without an extra login, and at the same time login to eDir to receive drive mappings, printers and applications? I read a long time ago of a way to completely hide the Novell Login and still use eDir but can't find the TID anymore. But that is not our goal. The goal is to seemlessly integrate the two directories in using one and the same XP Profile, or rather Profile directory.

Any help would be appreciated and perhaps not only by me. I imagine others have run into the same situation.