OK, since having a PSE contract is not working at all for us(can't EVER get a right answer ) I'll try the forums. I had a 10.0.3 deployment. I upgraded to 10.1.0 then to 10.1.1. Without updating the agent because I hate this product forcing me to update via a web console when I can use a bundle to push the agent to my PCs. Seriously what is ZEN for anyway. So now I want to upgrade my agents from 10.0.3 to 10.1.1. Now I'm being told that this is impossible and that Novell in their infinite wisdom chose to make the path to upgrade 10.0.3 to 10.1.1 impossible. When I run PreAgentPkg_AgentComplete.exe I get an error that says....

ZENWorks Adaptive Agent already exists on the device
Press Enter to continue

Is it true that upgrading the agent is impossible? Why would I want to upgrade 5000 of my PCs from 10.0.3 to 10.1.0 reboot, then redistribute 10.1.1 to my PCs and reboot again. I've been give two options. (1) Backrev my main ZCM server to 10.1.0 and then upgrade the agents(twice). (2) Uninstall then reinstall.

Neither of these options sound good to me. I need to upgrade these agents. Any ideas?