Netware 6.5 SP7 eDir 8.8

Hope this helps some folks...I know there are some people out there with this problem who never resolved it...I wish I had found the TID earlier:

If you access the iPrint printer list page by http://ipaddress/ipp or http://servername/ipp and you end up with:

- little pictures beside each printer entry don't load (broken)
- when you click a printer, it takes you to a blank page and/or tells you iPrint client needs to be installed


Edit the sys:\apache2\conf\httpd.conf file. Search for the "DocumentRoot" line.
MAKE SURE DocumentRoot "SYS:/APACHE2/htdocs" line exists and is correct. If not, change it or add it.
Re-load apache by going to the console and typing "apache2 restart"

Shut down internet explorer, re-start it and load the page. It should come up properly.

I got this idea from tid # 10088189, which also contains some other information that may be useful.