On Lenovo Thinkpad R500's we cannot use PXE boot to perform manual
imaging. Boot process is normal but ctrl+alt does not product a menu.
No errors occur.
We're running ZEN 7 sp1 with all hotfixes and patches applied as of
12/4. We've even applied the beta zen7sp1ir3a_hp1-november_08.zip.

All other workstations work fine with PXE. Only the Thinkpad R500's
fail. I'm pressing ctrl+alt during the boot process after pxe aquires ip
address. If I boot from the bootcd.iso, imaging works just fine.

I see the nic aquire dhcp info

Zenworks Boot

Boot SERVER IP: xx.xx.xx.xx
Zenworks Network Management and Security v5.6 r1 (Build 127)
PreWorx (Pty) Ltd.
Local ip: xx.xx.xx.xx
subnet mask: