I have reviewed the posts and am still unable to get the Vista client 1.0
SP1 to see the tree. The only way I can get the client to connect to the
network is to enter the IP address of the server in the server name field.

I have attempted to set the SLP name and server IP address in the SLP tab in
the client and it is still unable to see the tree.

Are there any newer solutions to this problem? My users report that about
one out of every 10 attempts to login will fail on the first attempt, but
will then succeed on the second attempt. We have also seen a somewhat
frequent occurrence of disconnecting at random times.

The server is NetWare 6.5 SP6. It is also running GroupWise. The most
annoying problem is when the user has a document open and is disconnected.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Anthony Campbell